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  • Ganesha is prominently known as the remover of obstacles. Because of this, many Hindus worship him before any major endeavor they undertake – be it business, marriage, childbirth, etc.
  • More importantly, however, he also removes obstacles on the soul’s spiritual journey and, is therefore, prayed to by aspiring transcendentalists all over the world.
  • In an altered version of this story, when Shiva created Ganesha, Parvati, who was bothered to have had no contribution to his creation, willed Ganesha’s head to be turned into that of an elephant.
  • After seeing the elephant-headed child, Parvati felt great love for him and then said no endeavor would succeed without a prayer to the boy.
  • The most widely known account of Ganesha’s birth centers around a particular time when Parvati decided to take a bath. While Shiva was away meditating, Parvati removed a layer of oil and dust from her body, which she shaped into the figure of a young boy.
  • She brought the boy to life and, after telling him he was her son, instructed him to stand guard while she went in to take a bath. When Shiva returned, Ganesha blocked his path, not allowing him to see Parvati. Unaware Ganesh was his son, Shiva became furious and fought the boy before eventually cutting off his head.
  • After discovering what had transpired, Parvati became so sad, that she threatened to destroy the heavens and earth. Shiva then pacified Parvati by instructing the ganas to go out and bring the head of the first living being they could find with its head pointed towards the north, known as the auspicious direction associated with wisdom.

A Pure Brass Lord Ganesha Religious/Decorative Idol for puja in Temple.

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