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Dimensions- HxLxW- 16*7.5*6 inch

Weight-5.33 kg

Price-16,650 rs.


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  • Khodiyar Maa is a Goddess who addresses physical handicaps and impediments. Indeed her name means ‘the Goddess who hobbles and limps from an injury’, as she has an injury that causes her to limp. to bring about healing.
  • Khodiyar Maa is linked to the womb to childbirth and the marriage between the base and sexual Chakras. She is a Goddess who shows us how to unite the energies of Earth and Water – first and second Chakra themes are her specialty.
  • Working with her ritualistically can help those wishing to conceive a child. Khodiyar Maa is a powerful Matriarch to those who have an interest in working with sexual energy and its healing.
  • When looking at the Goddesses in Tantra, we notice that their stories point to energetic principles. A Goddess is a whole world of energetic principles made manifest. The work of a Tantric practitioner is to condense and concentrate their forces into a focused point and to align with the world of the Goddess behind her archetypal representation.
  • When we align with a Goddess, we bring vast movements to our lives. It takes work and focus and is no flimsy affair of wishful thinking and good intention. The Vajra is the concentration of electrical force. In any branch of life, the focus of force is a law for creation. This law holds in Tantra as it does in any other field.
  • Tantra is a practical subject that magically accesses the Goddess energies through concentrated techniques and ritual applications. The techniques are not random, but work with a scientifically detailed system of aligning to astral and lunar currents.

Goddess Khodiyar Synthatic Marble Religious/Decorative Idol For Pujaghar

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