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Dimensions- HxLxW- 1*3*2 inch

Weight-0.210 kg

Price-2510 rs.


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  • Both Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui tortoise consider the material to be very important in determining where it should be placed.
  • For example, the northeast, center, or southwest should be used for mud or terracotta turtles. The northwest or southwest is the best location for a crystal turtle vastu. Tortoises made of wood should be put toward the east or southeast, whereas tortoises made of metal should be placed in the northern and northwesterly directions.
  • For silver tortoise vastu, consider placing it in the eastern or western directions, while for copper tortoise vastu, the southeastern or southwestern corners are favorable spots. Each material carries its unique energy, and by positioning these tortoises accordingly, you can enhance the positive vibes in your living space.
  • Figures of tortoises may be put in the backyard to maintain a good atmosphere at home.
  • Additionally, tortoises may guard your house against harmful energy by being put at the front door of your property.
  • The feet of metal tortoises should constantly be submerged in water while being preserved. Place the turtle at home in a small metal dish or basin filled with water. As a result, the household is filled with joy and wealth.
  • It is said that putting the tortoise figurine near a water feature or fish tank can bring good fortune to the home.
  • Use your ‘Tien Yi’ instruction to place the tortoise so that it may assist you in battling any disease. Knowing your Kua number, which is the sum of your year of birth’s numbers, is necessary for figuring out your Tien Yi direction. To acquire the Kua number, ladies should add four to this number, and men should subtract 11 from this number.
  • It’s been shown that keeping a tortoise near your bed will help you sleep better at night. When a youngster is terrified of sleeping alone, you might place it next to the child’s bed to reassure them.
  • A tortoise kept in the east, north, or northwest is said to bring luck in the home and workplace.

Brass Tortoise Religious/Decorative Figurine : Lord Vishnu’s second incarnation

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