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Dimensions- HxLxW- 5.5*2*2 inch

Weight-0.308 kg

Price-750 rs.


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  • The Shubhkart Nitya Naag Ghanti is a must have puja essential for day to day worship. It is been said that sound of puja bell is considered auspicious during time of worship. The carving of Naag on the hand held puja bell brings a uniqueness to the creation. Ideal to be used in home as well as temple for worshipping, the Nitya Naag Ghanti is crafted using traditional techniques
  • Bell or Ghanti is an essential part of Puja rituals. It is used while performing Aarti to lend a melodious tone to the chanting. It drowns Inauspicious noises and brings Spiritual vibrations to the prayer ceremony.
  • A well-designed Ghanti or bell produce long strains of the sound OM. The most widespread belief is that the puja bell is sounded to invite the deity to accept the worship and prayers. Another belief is that it is to drive away the evil and negative forces.
  • The sound made from a well-designed Ghanti or Bell is uninterrupted, reverberating (echo), deep and impressive. Symbolically, the body of the bell represents time – Ananta. The tongue of the bell symbolically represents Goddess Saraswati. The handle of the Ghanti is considered to be the vital principle (Praan Shakti) and symbolically represents Hanuman, Garuda, Nandi or Chakra.
  • This brass bell is designed to be rung during the hindu ritual known as puja. In the classical literature on hindu ritual, the ringing of the bell is said to dispel negative forces, focus the mind and its beauty is said to attract even the gods.

A Pure Brass Decorative Ghanti for Use in Puja Room.

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