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Dimensions- HxLxW- 1*6*1.5 inch

Weight-0.026 kg

Price-80 rs.


infomation :- 9377173151, 9377173150, 8320227006

  • Pital Brass Utensils This set of 5 golden color p-tal brass utensils brings a touch of traditional elegance to your kitchen. The set includes a flip, a spatula set, a ladle, and a salad spoon set. P-tal products are known for their durability and quality.
  • Golden Spoon Set The golden spoon set is an integral part of this brass dinner set, adding a royal touch to your dining. It’s perfect for serving soups, stews, or salads. The long spoon design ensures easy serving and dining.
  • Dosa Spatula The set includes dosa spatula , and the dosa spatula, with its broad, flat surface, is ideal for flipping pancakes or dosas.
  • Brass Quality Our p tal brass products are renowned for their superior quality. Made from pure brass, these pital ke bartan (brass utensils) are non-stick, making cooking and cleaning a breeze. They’re a must-have for every kitchen.
  • Versatile Spoon Set The kitchen spoon set is not just limited to serving. It’s also perfect for cooking, thanks to its non-stick nature. Whether you’re stirring, flipping, or serving, this versatile golden spoon set has got you covered.
  • Our Cooking Spatula Are Free From Any Harmful Color Coating Or Poisonous Polish Or Any Mixing In Wood. Its a led free material
    • Item: Brass Spoon Perfect for Spices, Coffee and dessert Spoon (Length- 3 Inch) (2 pcs)
    • Material: Brass Dimension: 7.5 X 2 X 2 CM (LXWXH) Quantity: 2 pcs Capacity: 3 to 4 gram
    • These Sppon can be great addition to your kitchen and table ware.
    • These spoons are used to measure spices as per your taste & fit in your spices box, masala dabba or any mini containers.
    • These spoons can be used for daily use and can be a perfect gift for special occasions.
    • Rust free, B.P.A. & toxin free, non reactive & non magnetic.
    • Easy to clean & Dishwasher safe.
    • Just clean it with normal detergents and damp cloth. This practice will help in maintaining its shine for a long time.
    • These Spoons are multi purpose as you can use these to Measure other daily use spices like Fenugreek Seed, Carom Seed, Fennel Seeds , Jeera and many More.

A Brass Decorative Chamchi for Use in Puja Dish.

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